Nafiya Knit Dyeing Composit Ltd

Dyeing & Processing


In order to meet up the worldwide demand trend, the dyeing and finishing unit of SAHIL GROUP have occupied a exceptional combination of machineries for open width and tubular fabrics processing setup. The process of dyeing to produce the most reliable color excellence and resoluteness is a very sensitive and complicated process on any fabrics. We have a dyeing capacity of 10,000 KG per day i.e. 3,00,000 kg per month. This plant has the capability of producing 100% cotton, cotton blend, T/C, Viscose, Polyester, Polyamide, Acrylic, Lycra Fabric etc. SAHIL GROUP dyeing and finishing machine are computer controlled, having highly sophisticated and state of the art technology from Germany, USA, Hongkong and UK origin bearing the brand names like


SAHIL GROUP’s Dyeing and finishing units assume a floor space of 30,000 sft including its utility zones. A contingency of as many as 250 skilled manpower is employed to run the Dyeing and finishing Sections.


Pump : SIGMA 2 Sets
Boiler :   1 Set
Gas Generator with Cooling Tower & Water Pump  
Capacity for 950 KVA Gas Set 1 Set
Compressor :   2 Sets
Water Treatment Plant :   1 unit
Effluent Treatment Plant   1 unit
Dyeing Section :    
HAF-1-15 High Temperature sample machine 1 Set
HAF-1-30 High Temperature sample machine 1 Set
NPL-1-50 Normal Temperature sample machine 1 Set
Rapid Normal Temperature & Pressure Full Flow  
& Lowest Liquor Ratio Fabric Dyeing Machine  
    NUV-1-150 1 Set
    NUV-2-300 1 Sets
    NUV-3-450 1 Set
    NUV-4-600 1 Set
    NUV-5-750 1 Set
    NUV-6-900 1 Set
    NUV-8-1200 1 Set


Rapid High Temperature & Pressure Full Flow  
& Lowest Liquor Ratio Fabric Dyeing Machine  
RUV-3-450 1 Set
Finishing Section :  
Tubular Compactor  
  1 Set
60″ Pak-Nit ll Delta Plus SP  
Tubetex Machine 1 Set
4-Chamber Tensionless Dryer 1 Set
Single Bath Squizer 1 Set
Soft Setting Calender Machine 1 Set



Fabrics Turner Machine   1 Set
Fabrics Inspection Machine   1 Set
Lab Section :    
Lab Dyeing Machine 12 Pots Model:IR-12P 1 Set
  24 Pots Model:IR-24P 1 Set